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As an independent financial services firm, we can find the right products and solutions that will fit your needs. When speaking of financial strategies, it is never one size fits all. Each financial plan is completely customized to the needs of the client.

At Ki Financial, we work with small businesses and families to generate financial security and wealth. Ki Financial offers both financial coaching and financial management services including: retirement planning and accounts, money and debt management, life insurance, long-term care planning, business key person insurance, executive bonus programs, group life insurance, group retirement plans, savings strategies, and credit counseling. Group classes and webinars are offered on various financial topics.

Ki Financial has experience working with active and retired military, veterans, and their families for over 20 years.
We proudly serve those who serve!

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Rachel B.


Deanna really knows her stuff when it comes to all things financial! She also is a great listener.


Edward M.

I never though I could actually save money. Ki Financial not only show me how to save, but how to actually earn great returns on my savings and how I can plan for my future.


Annette H.

I am so glad I had Deanna help my business. She was able to create an amazing program for my employees and save us money.


James A.

I always felt great anxiety when it came to financial matters. Ki Financial, specifically Deanna, helped me to understand why I feel that way and taught me a new way of looking at and understanding of money. I am happy to say there is no more anxiety. Now I am financially stable and my earnings have greatly increased.

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Approaching Finances Through Wellness and Your Inner Ki (気) 
 The word "Ki" 気 is possibly the most powerful, useful and even quintessentially Japanese word in the Japanese language. In Japanese culture, it is believed that “気” Ki (or chi in Chinese) is a form of energy that flows in every living beings’ body. It is the source of life and is 1 of the 3 elements which make up our body (the concept of 気血水 <kikessui>).

It is a complex and somewhat elusive concept that will vary greatly depending on one's belief system or faith. Many religious faiths interpret this as the Holy Spirit, others regard it as life energy, George Lucas calls it "The Force". We call it the key (Ki) to financial freedom. At Ki Financial, LLC, we believe finances are part of one's complete system and when one gains the understanding of a person's financial energy they begin the path toward financial freedom.

Finding and nourshing your Ki is a vital part of a healthy life and healthy financial plan. We all need health checkups, now is the time to schedule a finacial checkup!

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Professional Financial Education Services in Kitsap County with a Personal Touch

The entire reason we created Ki Financial was for businesses just like yours. Our job is to make your life easier, and we spend tremendous amounts of time finding industry insights to enhance your business & tax strategies. We will also sit down with you to learn about your specific challenges and where you need help - every single one of our services are custom-tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a financial professional that’s truly invested in you, your financial health, and your business success, call us today at (360) 633-6907 to learn how we can help.

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Ki Financial is the only wellness-based financial education and advising in the Kitsap County area that excels in all your business and personal financial needs.


Financial Beliefs, Blocks, and Traumas: How do they impact finanical wellness? 

Presented at the Victoria Dabrowski Schmidt Workplace & Professional Development Symposium
by the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College
September 2022

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Case Study - Financial Literacy is Vital to Success in Business and in Personal Life

Today, many consumers have little understanding of finances. In fact, a lack of financial understanding may underscore why many Americans struggle with saving and investing.

Every few years, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issues a short financial literacy test as part of its National Financial Capability Study. The test measures consumers’ knowledge about interest, compounding, inflation, diversification, and bond prices. Generally speaking, the study found that performance on the test correlated with key indicators of financial capability. On the most recent test, just over a third of respondents got four or more questions out of five correct, suggesting widespread financial illiteracy.

Some changes in consumer habits and financial products have made it harder for Americans to manage their finances. In the past, most people used cash for daily purchases. Today, they use credit cards more frequently. In 2019, credit use accounted for 27% of payments, up from 24% in 2017.3 The way we shop has also changed. Online shopping is now the top choice for many, which can make it easy to use and overextend credit, an all-too-convenient way to accumulate debt quickly.

Meanwhile, credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions are inundating consumers with credit opportunities—the ability to apply for credit cards or pay off one card with another. Without the proper knowledge, it is easy to get into financial trouble.

Financial planning is long term, and people cannot depend on one-time windfalls such as the $1,400 stimulus checks distributed as part of the American Rescue Plan.5
 Instead, individuals need to shore up their financial knowledge to manage their day-to-day financial lives while also taking a longer view for the future.


Meet Deanna:
 Owner and Chief Financial Educator

Deanna O'Neal, AFC®


Accredited Financial Counselor
Financial Educator and Coach

Deanna O'Neal has been a financial educator for the last 20 years, helping individuals, families, and businesses gain literacy and understanding of their personal finances.  She has worked in all financial sectors including the large corporate world and the non-profit realm. Bringing financial literacy to everyone is her mission and through financial literacy, helping everyone become their best self.
She is a wife, a mother, and loves to dance.

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